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iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Screen Replacement

iPad Screen Repair

iPhone 5 5S 5C Screen Replacement

iPhone Repair Tauranga | Auckland | Wellington | Christchurch | iPhone 6 Screen Replacement Tauranga | Our experienced technicians can repair your iPhone, Mac, iPhone, iPad, MacBook or iPod.


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Our Services

iPhone Repair


  • iPhone Glass (Digitizer) Replacement
  • iPhone Logic Board Replacement
  • iPhone Battery Replacement
  • iPhone LCD Display Replacement
  • iPhone Back Cover Replacement
  • iPhone Charging Port Replacement
  • iPhone Headphone Jack Replacement
  • iPhone Home Button Replacement
  • iPhone Dock Connector Replacement
  • iPhone Camera Repair
  • iPhone Water Damage
  • iPhone Back Cover Replacement
  • iPhone Data Backup
  • iPhone Wireless Repair

Mac Repair


  • Mac Audio Board Replacement
  • Mac Bluetooth Board Replacement
  • Mac Camera Replacement
  • Mac Fan Replacement
  • Mac Display Replacement
  • Mac LCD Display Replacement
  • Mac Glass Panel Replacement
  • Mac Hard Drive Replacement
  • Mac Heat Sink Replacement
  • Mac Inverter Replacement
  • Mac IR Board Replacement
  • Mac Speaker Replacement
  • Mac Logic Board Replacement

iPod Repair


  • iPod Front Cover Replacement
  • iPod Logic Board Replacement
  • iPod Battery Replacement
  • iPod LCD Display Replacement
  • iPod Back Cover Replacement
  • iPod Hard Drive Replacement
  • iPod Headphone Jack Replacement
  • iPod Sad Face
  • iPod Folder Icon
  • iPod Click Wheel Replacement
  • iPod Water Damage
  • iPod Data Backup
  • iPod Frozen
  • iPod Headphone Jack Replacement

iPad Repair


  • iPad Glass (Digitizer) Replacement
  • iPad Logic Board Replacement
  • iPad Battery Replacement
  • iPad LCD Display Replacement
  • iPad Back Cover Replacement
  • iPad Charging Port Replacement
  • iPad Headphone Jack Replacement
  • iPad Home Button Replacement
  • iPad Dock Connector Replacement
  • iPad Camera Repair
  • iPad Water Damage
  • iPad Data Backup
  • iPad Wireless Repair

MacBook Repair


  • MacBook Battery Replacement
  • MacBook DC-In Board Replacement
  • MacBook Display Replacement
  • MacBook Fan Replacement
  • MacBook Front Glass Replacement
  • MacBook Hard Drive Replacement
  • MacBook Heat Sink Replacement
  • MacBook LCD Replacement
  • MacBook Speaker Replacement
  • MacBook Logic Board Replacement
  • MacBook Lower Case Replacement
  • MacBook Microphone Replacement
  • MacBook Optical Drive Replacement
  • MacBook RAM
  • MacBook Upper Case Replacement

iPod Touch Repair

iPod Touch

  • iPod Touch 4G (4th Generation) Screen (Digitizer Display) Replacement
  • iPod Touch 3G (3rd Generation) Screen (Digitizer Display) Replacement
  • iPod Touch 2G (2nd Generation) Screen (Digitizer Display) Replacement
  • iPod Touch 1G (1st Generation) Screen (Digitizer Display) Replacement
  • iPod Touch Battery Replacement
  • iPod Touch Logic Board Replacement
  • iPod Touch Home-Key Replacement
  • iPod Touch LCD Display Replacement
  • iPod Touch Hold-Switch Replacement


iPhone 6 Plus Screen Replacement

Phone 5S Screen Replacement

iPhone 4 Screen Replacement

iPhone 3G/3GS Screen Replacement


Terms & Conditions

1. If we proceed with a repair as per direct communications with you (the customer), you will be responsible for paying for the service in full and/or the minimum service charge.


2. Where you do use, or hold yourself out as using our services for the purpose of business, the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act will not apply; as such, liability (of any kind) is not undertaken by iDoctor NZ or any of its associated agents and employees.


3. If you are given equipment on loan, it must be returned within 7 days following (a) express notice that equipment sent by you for repair shall not be repaired; or (b) a request to discontinue the service.


4. If you should damage, lose or fail to return loan equipment you will be charged for its repair or replacement.


5. If you can not be contacted after 60 days from service completion or assessment, iDoctor NZ will reserve the right to discard your device.


6. Any charges owing by you under these terms and conditions may be billed directly to your account.


7. iDoctor NZ will not be held liable for phones lost or damaged in transit by courier.


8. iDoctor NZ will not be liable for any data loss occurring during the repair of your device. 


* General Repair -- Devices repaired by iDoctor NZ will include a twelve month warranty for parts (three month warranty for services) used from date of completion of the service.


 ** Special Repair -- Notwithstanding issues arising subsequent to repair or assessment, iDoctor NZ will not be liable for the refund of any deposits or monies paid in the event that a device is proven to have sustained impact damage, liquid damage and/or is a dead device as detailed below.


i. Devices found to have sustained liquid or impact damage, and devices deemed 'dead on arrival' (DOA) will not be covered by the standard three month iDoctor NZ service warranty.


ii. Liquid Damage: Where evidence of moisture, whether caused by liquid, solid or gas, is apparent on or within the device.  


iii. Impact Damage: Where evidence of physical damage caused by external force is apparent on or within the device.   Loss of user-functionality may be experienced during or after a repair where a device has sustained impact damage.  

iv. Dead On Arrival (DOA): Whereby the device cannot power on, or is unable to boot successfully - termed 'DOA'.


v. General note on business structure: iDoctor NZ is comprised of a single proprietor and several service technicians formally or informally contracted for work throughout New Zealand.


How long does the iDoctor take?
If you want to proceed you must contact us for a booking. We notify you when you can send your device in for repair. This ensures we do not hold your device for an unreasonable period of time if there are delays in receiving parts from our international suppliers. If we have the part you will be requested to send in your device. The entire procedure should take 2-3 working days by post. To slow? We also come to your home for a small fee. 
 Is it safe to courier items to the iDoctor?
 Please see the CourierPost website for a full listof their terms and conditions of carriage. All items are handled with utmost care by our technicians. 
What if I have a cracked iPhone screen, do I need to replace the LCD also?
Yes. Unfortunately the front glass panel, digitizer and LCD display are all one component. The full iPhone digitizer and LCD assembly will be replaced.  The iPhone 3G/3GS serve as an exception.  The digitizer on these earlier models can be separated from the LCD with relative ease. 
What if I have a cracked iPod Touch screen, do I need to replace the LCD also?
Yes. Unfortunately the front glass panel, digitizer and LCD display are all one component. The full iPod Touch digitizer and LCD assembly will be replaced.
Does the iDoctor have a returns policy?
Yes. The iDoctor offers a 12-month warranty on all parts and a standard 3-month warranty on all labour.

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